Consulting Work


Sarah applies proven methods and strategies to consistently deliver results to clients. Solid analytical and project management capacity, skilled in research, planning, process analysis, requirements elicitation and all phases of the SDLC. Highly skilled in transforming complex goals and objectives into well organized delivery frameworks, quickly building partnerships across an organization to do so. Entrepreneurial spirit with a keen focus on creative collaboration to ensure client success.

Advanced / Senior Level | 10 years

The majority of my experience is in project management and program management. I started working on project teams as a Portfolio Administrator with The Ayco Company, a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs, where I served on process improvement and other organizational initiatives. Upon transitioning to consulting, I developed expertise in business and data analysis, oversaw application testing and moved into senior project management positions. As a project manager, I also garnered experience in vendor and contract management, cost benefit and solution analysis and communications. Success in this capacity can be attributed to adapting methodologies and tools to the unique needs and circumstances of the client.

Advanced / Senior Level | 8 years

Every project is unique. Clients often present variations on common pain-points and goals, not to mention different levels of organizational maturity. Managing expectations from day one and establishing trust and confidence through transparent communication and superior results is critical to fostering successful relationships. Unwavering commitment to these tenants and client success as defined in partnership with the client, allowed me to excel in the areas of practice management, consulting operations, and account management. The result often contributed to an expanded footprint in client organizations and extended engagements.


Intermediate / Mid-Level | 5 years

My career has never been defined by a specific role or title. Recognition for an adaptable skill set and the willingness to take on new challenges, provided opportunities for experience in corporate planning and strategic initiatives. From assessing market opportunities, developing detailed business and financial plans, to helping align projects with key goals and objectives, I’ve had the privilege of working with C-level executives on a variety of endeavors.

Intermediate / Mid-Level | 5 years
Sometimes in order to branch out and explore an area of interest or new idea, you have to create an opportunity to do so, whether through an employer or independently as an entrepreneur. I’ve pursued both over the past several years and cultivated valuable experience in new product / service development, web development and content management, intellectual property protection, financial analysis and accounting, marketing and branding. The desire to be innovative, creative, and push for continuous improvement is the type of leadership I apply in service to the colleagues, employers, and clients with whom I am privileged to work.

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