Behind The Music: Have You Prayed?

Believing the Bible, serving Christ, allowing Him to lead and guide your life, doesn’t mean it’s always going to be easy. In my experience, there will be challenges, trials, battles along the way. The wonderful blessing in it all is that for the called, we know we have already overcome and there is absolutely nothing too hard for the Lord to accomplish. Despite this, humanity has its hold and while I won’t presume to speak for everyone, I know that I certainly have my down moments. I sometimes lose sight of the promises and get wrapped up in the day to day struggles that come my way.

It was during one of those moments that Have You Prayed came to heart. Sometimes songs seem to percolate for a while; other times they are just there. Have You Prayed was one that was just there but it was the actions of dear friends that inspired it. I had just gotten off the phone with one of my friends and it suddenly hit me that for quite some time, I would call her and pour out all my woes. I was going through a particularly rough period and to be honest, I was rather wrapped up in myself. Through it all, she would listen, tell me she was praying for me and encourage me. It must have been draining but she was always so supportive. Through our conversations and my soul searching, one thing was clear. I needed to pray. So I did, consecrating more time for prayer and meditation.

After speaking with my friend one day and then reflecting on our conversation, I thought about how tremendous a blessing it is to have someone to speak with, who you know will always respond from a Christ centered position. I then thought, Lord, I should be praying for her too. In fact, there are a lot of people I could be praying for. Wow, I’ve been rather selfish, always thinking about myself and my issues. I have so much to be thankful for and I can’t even think of the last time I truly went before You on someone else’s behalf. That’s when the song came….when I asked myself, who had I recently prayed for?

I started to feel a bit ashamed. There is no shame in acknowledging that you’re struggling. No shame in reaching out to others for prayer, support and guidance. There is no shame in dealing with the realities that come with being human. But we can’t stay there. We can’t dwell on those things and live in that realm. I realized that the more I focused on me, the more I struggled. When thinking of others, praying for others, I actually found myself even more cognizant of just how present the Lord was in my life.

Now, whenever I hear my song, I am reminded that there are people in this world that don’t have a fraction of what I have. People that are going through things far more devastating and challenging than I. There are people I can touch through prayer and even in the simplicity of praying for others, I can draw strength and peace for my own walk.

So, as the song asks, have you prayed for someone else lately?

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